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Welcome to

Do you want to know more about God?
Do you lack faith and want more?
Have you ever wondered why you're not farther along in your spiritual walk?

Do you want to be more consistent in reading God's Word every day? I was like you until I discovered the power of accountability. That's all dBrag is - it's a simple way to use the Internet and a few friends to keep you encouraged and excited about reading the Bible every day.

Does it work?
It's no magic potion or overnight miracle. And, it's not for everyone - especially those who already have the discipline to read the Bible every day. But, for the rest of might be surprised...

Small groups are doing it.
Entire youth groups are doing it.
Entire churches are doing it together.

Since April of 2004, hundreds of dBrag groups all over this nation, and across the globe have committed to each other, and to God, to read just one chapter in the Bible every day - and God is blessing His people!

You, too, can get involved! Click here to get started!

It's SO simple, really...and it only takes as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day.

How? Just take a look at the links in the green box to the left. You'll find plenty of information and ideas to get started. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.


P.S. - If you do start a group, please let me know - and keep us updated. I would love to share testimonies and ideas from other groups around the nation (world?). Spread the Word!