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June 12, 2006 - from Scott in Florida:
"I like knowing that others are reading to. I get anxious to hear what others have to say. I benefit from hearing the elders in the group talk about their families and wives."


April 6 , 2006 - from Chuck in Tampa:
"Wow. I am so glad to have actually read through this book [Revelation] for the first time. Although there are many questions and things to consider, I am thankful for this DBRAG that helped motivate and bless me in reading a part of God's word I would normally shy away from. Thanks guys!"


September 12, 2005 - from a teenager in Florida:
"...So i go home, and lay on the floor and start crying again and just begging god to PLEASE take the hurt away when suddenly I'm like well, I guess i should just do my DBRAG when i open up 2 corinthians12:9 and it said:

"...(jesus talking) My grace is sufficent for you, my power is made perfect in your weakness"

It's almost like god was telling me that I needed to be hurt and i needed to cry because like brandon said in worship, we have to give up things and things like that so our worship and praise and salvation means something. And then how it goes on in verse 10

"......for when I am weak, then I am strong"

I began to feel myself hurting but yet hanging on to god and thanking him for everything and getting closer with him.

Then, I started [the book of] Job ... and it talks about how job had EVERYTHING...and then God told satan that he had control of his liife....yet not to lay a single finger on him. And it shows how even after all that happend to him, Job "Fell to the ground in worship". Job had lost EVERYTHING, and yet he falls and worships the lord in his hardships because he knows the lord will make him strong.

I gave up that big thing (and im sure it wasent even 1/23423423423 of what job had lost)....and it was my choice. Job had no choice in the matter.

That just shows me that god is blessing me more than i could EVER deserve and how i get these blessings i still do not blows my mind how crazy go nuts it is. Anyway, I realize that no matter what hurts me or comes across my path i give the hurt to god and even though i still feel pain it slowly goes away as i cling closer to god and he really shows his stuff in my life.


August 26th, 2005 - from a teen-age boy in Florida:
"Hey guys that verse was so cool. What i got out of it was that you can do anything and use spiritual powers and all that good stuff..but if you dont have love its all worthless...ok i like to use examples of picture your favorite car you are waxing it and washing it...putting new rims on it...painting it a different do all these kool things to trick out your car...but you forget the one thing that makes something work in a ENGINE.....and thats like our gifts...we do all these things do help others and prepare ourselves for battle and then we go to war and we fail because we dont have that love that "ENGINE" within us so it doent work and thats where i think that a lot of people struggle is that they think they are ready for battle and they go out and fail and dont know why..its because of that love...
..............................ok those were my you all bye"


August 25th, 2005 - from "bo" in Florida:
"hey guys bo again,
i really can tell already that this dbrag is gonna be an awesome way to get into the word.

I really enjoyed seeing what you guys got out of this message, and Jo the way you explained it was really easy and was great! Its awesome to hear what you guys got out of it again!"


July 7th , 2005 - from a pastor in Florida:
"Thanks for your insight. Although it seems simple your words left no stone unturned.


June 20th , 2005 - from Roy in NYC:
"I was baptised in the holy spirit in the streets of ny. What a god incidence that we read acts when we did! Also we started many youth and adult dbrags. Can't wait to fill you in."


June 7th , 2005 - from Florida:
"I have always struggled with reading the Bible consistently. But God has given my men's group a tool that has blessed me beyond my wildest hopes."


May 20th , 2005 - from Leonard in Florida:
"I'm in. This is a great idea. it's funny how we allow things to slip, unless we have someone to hold us accountable. Thank you for including me."


March 30th , 2005 - from John in Sarrasota, FL:
"I am also blown away by the way the same chapter can speak so differently to each of us."


March 1th , 2005 - from Travis in Lutz, FL:
"Having each others notes and thoughts has, I think, really turned out to be a great study of the book of Hebrews. Just wanted to say thank you brothers, for the encouragement."